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There various types of reports that a student might be asked to come up with during ones studies. Reports usually involve writing ones findings concerning a specific subject, a book, a business or a situation. Reports include such writings as business reports, laboratory reports, field reports, progress reports and book reports. when writing a report, you will need to have a good grasp of the type of the report you are writing. This will help you to come up with a report that meets your needs.

Lab reports are written after performing an experiment. When writing your lab report, you will need to introduce the report, document the methods used, present your results, and discuss those results in light of previous findings on the topic. For the methods part, you need to write in the past tense and avoid using first person. This enables you to focus the attention of your report reader on the methods that were performed instead of the one who conducted the procedures. After the methods, a well-written lab report will present the results and discuss these by comparing them with previous findings on the topic.

Another type of a report is a business report. A business report requires you to have knowledge of the format to ensure that you present a well-written report. When writing a business report, you are required to provide an executive summary. The executive summary will give an overview of the entire report so that readers who do not have adequate time can still get the message in your report.  Depending on the type of business report, you may break the other parts of your report into an introductory part, a main body, and a concluding part. Order your business report at Admine Essays and we will ensure you have the best written report that meets your needs.